Stability and Performance of Photovoltaics (STAPP) workshop, London 29th January 2015

The workshop ‘Stability and Performance of Photovoltaics’ will provide a summary of these issues and report on the latest research towards quantification of the relevant risks on the levelised costs of energy (LCOE of installed systems). It is aimed at anybody involved with planning, operating, owning and financing PV systems to enhance due diligence procedures throughout the industry.

Photovoltaic systems are experiencing a number of risks in terms of long term performance and thus the economic feasibility of installations. The LCOE depends on the several performance parameters, grid connection and durability of components. The latter is lacking tests and understanding in terms of predicting longevity. The workshop will be delivered by leading academics in the field. Presentations will be based on work being carried out within the framework of an UK-India collaborative project.

The workshop will cover system overview, module characterisation, aging and stresses of PV systems. An extensive discussion of outstanding issues and potential impacts on financial viability will be undertaken. A summary of lessons learnt will be given and all will be put into a final context to move. The presentations will be available to take away and will provide an essential piece of information to understand the current state of the art of durability assessment, grid connection issues and critical performance conditions.

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