Spectral Changes of Solar Simulator Xenon Flash Bulbs over Lifetime and the Effect on Measurement Uncertainty

Authors: M. Bliss, A. Smith, BV. Mihaylov, TR. Betts, R. Gottschalg

PVSAT-9, Swansea, 10 Apr 2013 – 12 Apr 2013. 107-110. 10 Apr 2013

The effects of lamp age on the spectral out-put of solar simulator xenon flash lamps and spectral output measurement uncertainty on the spectral mismatch are investigated. Measurements over the life-time of several sets of bulbs showed large unexpected variations due measurement uncertainty in spectral measurements themselves. The main influencing factors are investigated and a faulty temperature control is found to be the main source of uncertainty. It is shown that this alone can affect the mismatch calculation to a larger degree than the MMF would correct in itself.

Paper: pvsat.org.uk/PVSAT-9_Proceedings-FINAL.pdf

Draft: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/258492510


Measurement of the solar simulator output at 19°C and 22°C room temperatures; a large deviation is measured on the Si detector spectroradiometer.