Spatially and Spectrally Resolved Electroluminescence Measurement System for PV Characterisation

Authors: M. Bliss, X. Wu, K. Bedrich, TR. Betts, R. Gottschalg

10th Photovoltaic Science Application and Technology, Loughborough, UK, 23 Apr 2014 – 25 Apr 2014. 201-204. 23 Apr 2014

A system that combines the advantages of fast global electroluminescence (EL) measurements and highly detailed spectral EL measurements is presented. A Si camera-based EL system is used to measure the intensity of radiative recombination of the PV device spatially resolved over its full area. A monochromator-based system is then used to measure localised emission spectra at specific points of interest identified, as such as defects and cracks. The first measurement results of a mc-Si and an a-Si PV device show good agreement with reported behaviour of such devices and highlight the potential to distinguish between different defect types and reveal performance changes that would be missed using camera-based EL only.




Interior of the measurement system showing sample area, EL camera and spectral EL fibre input