Dr. Ghanim Putrus


Dr. Putrus is heading the Power and Renewable Energy Research (PaWER) group at Northumbria University. He has over 20 years of teaching and research experience in Electrical Power Engineering, particularly in the applications of new technologies in power systems. He is the programme leader of the MSc Electrical Power Engineering and external examiner for several universities. He has over 100 publications, including one patent, 17 Journal, 25 invited and 60 refereed conference publications. He has conducted several research projects and consultancies for industry. He is closely involved in IET professional activities and member of several international committees.
Research experience covers theoretical, experimental and development work together with the use of software for system design and analysis. Main research interests cover power electronic applications in power systems, power quality, distributed generation and integration of electrical vehicles and renewable energy resources into power distribution networks (smart grids).
Dr. Putrus is a co-investigator in the STAPP project looking into capability enhancement of PV systems in order to maximize energy capture and make better utilization of PV systems. His team is investigating optimum control strategies for distributed (small scale) grid connected PV systems under various climate and operating conditions in India and UK in order to increase energy yield, provide support to the electricity grid and increase the value of PV systems.