Shabnam Rashtchi

ShabnamRashtchiShabnam Rashtchi received her MEng in Mechanical Engineering from University of Birmingham (UK) in 2010. She developed an interest in the area of energy by completing a study on mass and heat transfer in a fuel reformer that can be used to react the fuel with exhaust gas to produce hydrogen for improved performance of exhaust gas treatment systems in engines, and also to improve combustion of difficult fuels. In 2011 she started a PhD at Loughborough University with a shift to the area of renewable energy by joining a project on durability of photovoltaic modules in the STAPP group. Her studies focus on the impact of moisture ingress into PV modules from mechanical integrity point of view. Her research involves setting up non-destructive tests to measure moisture concentration within PV panels using spectroscopic optical coherence tomography, as well as employing wavelength scanning interferometry to measure the hygroscopic swelling of EVA.