Prof. Ralph Gottschalg


Prof. Gottschalg is heading the Applied Photovoltaics Research Group in the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST) of the School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering at Loughborough University. He currently also is the Head of the Energy Division and Director of Research Degree Programmes of the School.
Prof. Gottschalg has a broad interest in the field of applied photovoltaics, ranging from device measurement and characterisation to photovoltaic system’s performance investigations. The team at Loughborough investigates areas such as device performance, device ageing, system optimisation, environmental effects on different devices. The group has a strong background in electronic engineering, meteorology, measurement and automation and a modelling of semiconductors and material systems.
Prof. Gottschalg is the co-ordinator of the STAPP project. His team at Loughborough will carry out precision calibrations of PV modules (power as well as spectral response), characterise PV modules spatially developing innovative measurement tools, develop a model for the stresses excerted by the operating environments focussing on humidity and temperature and light and temperature interactions with the encapsulation materials. These results will be used as an input into the overall LCOE prediction of the PV module material system.

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