Prof. Monica Katiyar


Prof. Katiyar is faculty of the Materials Science and Engineering department at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. She currently is also coordinator of the Solar Energy Research Enclave at IIT Kanpur.
Prof. Monica Katiyar has worked in the field of processing and characterization of electronic materials and devices. Her current research interests are in energy related devices such as organic solar cell and white organic light emitting diodes for solid state lighting. In addition to fabrication and characterization of photovoltaic devices, she is working on understanding the degradation mechanisms in different photovoltaic technologies. She is participating in two Indo-UK consortiums focusing on Stability and Performance of Photovoltaics (STAPPs) and Advancing the Efficiency and Production Potential of Excitonic Solar Cells (APEX).
In this project, she and her partners at IIT Kanpur are installing ~50kWp solar PV system which includes five different PV technologies in various configurations. In addition to providing a test-bed for collecting field data at module, string, and system level, this will provide useful data on performance of different technologies in Kanpur (India).