Prof. B. G. Fernandes


Prof. B. G. Fernandes received his B. Tech. from NIT Surathakal in 1984, M. Tech. from IIT Kharagpur in 1989 and Ph.D. from IIT Bombay in 1993, all in Electrical Engineering. After his Ph.D., he joined IIT Kanpur, in Department of Electrical Engineering as Assistant Professor. Later, he joined IIT Bombay and is currently Professor in Department of Electrical Engineering.
Prof. B. G. Fernandes has broad interest in the field of power electronics and electrical machine design, including inverter topologies for VAR compensation, power electronic interfaces for non-conventional energy sources, permanent magnet machines for wind power generation and switched reluctance machines for electric vehicles.
Prof. B. G. Fernandes is co-investigator in the STAAP project and his team is investigating on converter topologies for interfacing PV sources to the grid, for low and medium power levels. The aim of the study is to improve efficiency, reliability and reduce the cost of converters interfacing PV sources.