Dr Aysin Rahimifard

Dr Rahimifard is project manager working in the Applied Photovoltaics Research Group within the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST), School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering at Loughborough University.

Dr Rahimifard obtained a BSc in Industrial Engineering in 1996 and joined Loughborough University in 2000 as a PhD candidate. She completed a PhD in 2004 on Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing and End-of-life Product Recovery in School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. She then took a research post focused on Production Systems Modeling and Manufacturing Management. She worked across a range of UK and European projects, in the area of analysis and development of manufacturing management strategies/methods to improve productivity in manufacturing organisations.

Dr Rahimifard was appointed in October 2011 as a project manager of Stability and Performance of Photovoltaics (STAPP) project.  This role involves managing collaborative research activities in UK and India and coordinating efforts within the consortium to create, deliver and disseminate the project outcomes. Her role has been extended since then that she took up also the project management role for PV2025 Project which is looking into Potential Costs and Benefits of Photovoltaics for UK-Infrastructure and Society in collaboration with Imperial College London as part of Supergen Initiative.