Device Modeling

Author: Rajesh Gupta (IITB)

Modeling and simulation of a PV device are needed to understand the influence of various parameters in their performance.
A distributed diode model (DDM) for a solar cell has been developed to study the spatial dependence of shunts in solar cells. This model can also be used for understanding the origin and the effects of other defects which reduce the electrical performance of PV devices.


Fig. (a) Distributed diode model (DDM) for 3×3 nodes, (b) Shunts at different locations in a solar cell, (c) simulation results

An electro-thermal model has been developed which was based on the resistance-capacitance (RC) network to simulate the active thermography approach for the detection of delamination in PV modules. This simulation is also useful in estimating the thickness of delamination in PV modules and finding the optimum detection parameters.


Fig. (a) Schematic of PV module, (b) 1-D electro-thermal model, (c) 3-D electro-thermal model