Construction of solar cell angular response measurement system

Author: Martin Bliss (CREST)

Tejas Sherkar carried out his internship at CREST Loughborough University in early May until mid-July. The aim of his project was to continue the development and construction of solar cell angular response measurement system, to assess misalignment uncertainties in the calibration processes. This will enable the STAPP team to reduce the uncertainty in their inter-comparison measurements.
At the time of start the system was uncompleted with regards to measurement hardware, circuitry and software. The following tasks have been achieved:

  • The construction of the enclosure with the rotating stage of the solar cell and the laser based light excitation sub-system was completed.


  • The design and assembly of the signal amplifier and conditioning circuitry necessary to measure the intensity of the laser and current of the solar cell was completed.


  • The measurement and control software using the LabVIEW platform; which is an automated software with user interface that includes the motor control, sample and reference measurements, data analysis and data storage was completed.


  • The angular response of a solar cell was successfully measured.