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Spatially and Spectrally Resolved Electroluminescence Measurement System for PV Characterisation

Authors: M. Bliss, X. Wu, K. Bedrich, TR. Betts, R. Gottschalg 10th Photovoltaic Science Application and Technology, Loughborough, UK, 23 Apr 2014 – 25 Apr 2014. 201-204. 23 Apr 2014 A system that combines the advantages of fast global electroluminescence (EL) measurements and highly detailed spectral EL measurements is presented. A Si camera-based EL system […]

Measurement of Flash Solar Simulator Output Spectra over Bulb Lifetime and the Effects on Spectral Mismatch

Authors: M. Bliss, A. Smith, B. Mihaylov, M. Krawczynski, TR. Betts, R. Gottschalg   28th European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, Paris, France, 29 Nov 2013 – 04 Oct 2013. 3505-3509. 04 Oct 2013 The effects of solar simulator xenon flash lamp ageing and spectral output measurement uncertainty on the spectral mismatch are investigated. […]

Spectral Changes of Solar Simulator Xenon Flash Bulbs over Lifetime and the Effect on Measurement Uncertainty

Authors: M. Bliss, A. Smith, BV. Mihaylov, TR. Betts, R. Gottschalg PVSAT-9, Swansea, 10 Apr 2013 – 12 Apr 2013. 107-110. 10 Apr 2013 The effects of lamp age on the spectral out-put of solar simulator xenon flash lamps and spectral output measurement uncertainty on the spectral mismatch are investigated. Measurements over the life-time of several […]

Construction of solar cell angular response measurement system

Author: Martin Bliss (CREST) Tejas Sherkar carried out his internship at CREST Loughborough University in early May until mid-July. The aim of his project was to continue the development and construction of solar cell angular response measurement system, to assess misalignment uncertainties in the calibration processes. This will enable the STAPP team to reduce the uncertainty […]

Electroluminescence measurements of PV devices and modules

Quality assessment of photovoltaic devices requires advanced measurements that allow a non-destructive assessment of modules to assess the impact of different environmental stresses. Electroluminescence (EL) measurements offer a fast and easy way of quickly pinpointing defects within solar cells, and modules. In its most basic form, it can be used to identify micro cracks and […]